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Jonathan's smoother Tudor moves

I don't know if Jonathan Rhys Meyers believes in the Stanislavski method of acting, but he certainly appeared to be still in part in Jaipur restaurant in Dalkey last Tuesday night.

Not only was the star of The Tudors holding court there, but also the beautiful and mysterious young woman who accompanied him at the corner table in the swish Dalkey restaurant was the object of everyone's interest.

"Everyone was looking at him," Lucinda O'Sullivan, the Sunday Independent's restaurant sleuth told me. "He definitely caused a stir of excitement. He was talking to fellow diners at the next table, but no one spoke to her".

Mystifying, since, as Lucinda reported, "she was short with fair hair and was very beautiful."

She is not, adds Lucinda, in The Tudors. And we don't know yet whether Jonathan is ready to overturn the universe (even make the earth move) for her. Perhaps it's Lucinda's head that will be on a plate..

Источник: http://www.independent.ie...-tudor-moves-1475256.html
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